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Restaurant Marketing

Multi-layered marketing strategies that bring in more customers to your restaurant.

Social media advertising, management, SEO, web design and so much more!

Restaurant Owner | Testimonial

Shohel Miah

A short interview with owner and managing director Shohel Miah of Three Rooms, Bedfordshire, UK.

Full service solution for restaurants.

When you need a simple yet effective solution for your marketing needs, look no further than Restaurant Genie. We've worked with many restaurant owners over the years and we recognise the challenges of this industry. For this reason, we have developed our services beyond a simple single-service and combined all the marketing required for a restaurant to succeed under one roof. We cover all bases online and offline and continue to innovate whilst keeping our clients up to date with modern trends.

What we can do...

INCREASE BOOKINGS - Being a specialist in marketing restaurants, we know what works. With proven techniques of advertising, we can drive bookings with our ads.
INCREASE CUSTOMERS - Using multiple strategies to capture new diners and retain them. This includes off-line activities where we provide training to you and your staff.
AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION - Every month your personal consultant will update you with the latest news, marketing trends, what your competitors are up to and arm you with a solid strategy to stay ahead of the game.
REACH MORE CUSTOMERS - Advertise your business to every online diner within your town or city or even within a given radius of your restaurant.
BRAND AWARENESS - Increase your brand awareness with measurable results via Facebook's EARL measurement. This tells you exactly how many diners recall your brand after seeing an your ad.
INCREASE WEBSITE VISITORS - We can run targetting campaigns specifically designed to attract diners to your restaurant website. All tracked and measured.

Our Results

Varying results we have accomplished for different clients as well as a business overall

generated £1,400 from £25 ad-spend
facilitated over 60,000 bookings since 2016
tripled sale for a client in 4 months with RM Strategy
reached over 500,000+ people with our ads
attracted over 1 million video views
90% success getting top 5 positions on TripAdvisor
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Networks we can advertise on...

1. Strategy: How we do it

Backed with 25 years of restaurant marketing experience

We will identify your KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), goals and your long term vision for your restaurant.
Online MOT - we conduct a full background check on your restaurant and implement damage control by resolving any issues prior to any campaigns going to the public.
Conduct market research backed by factual, data-driven insights to provide us with an informed marketing approach based on your targets.
Our consultant's, advertisers and media production team work collectively to then create an action plan for the campaign.

2. Ad Creative | Design

Make your restaurant stand out from the crowed

With an in-house team of creative professionals, we put the right team members together for the creation of the ad.
From video directors, food photographers, graphic designers to influencers we arm the campaign for success.
Some examples could include - a promotional restaurant video, a 'Tasty' styled video showcasing your food all the way to being shot like a M&S food commercial. The sky really is the limit!

3. Launch

''Houstin, we have lift off!''

Testing - we'll sample a small budget to test the effectiveness of different ads to assess which ads would offer the greatest results before committing a higher ad-spend.
When we are happy that the results from the ad campaign are successful, we will go to market full throttle.
Sit back and let the results come in....
Winning campaigns are based on a number of factors - get it right and this can be as simple as turning the campaign off and on to gain results, consistently.
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